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"Pink Uni" collar for dogs
"Pink Uni" collar for dogs

"Pink Uni" collar for dogs

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Our handmade Dog collars are available in numerous colors and patterns. No matter whether your dog has long or short fur, is plain or colorful, our products are unique - just like your dog.

All collars are available in ffive different widths (1.6cm; 2cm, 2.5cm; 3cm and 4cm), and are individually tailored to the dog's neck circumference custom made.

Each collar is in adjustable approx. 4cm in both directions. If your dog is still growing, please indicate this in the comment field and we will add a few cm more if desired.

The collars consist of high-quality and robust webbing, and are covered with cotton fabric. The collars have an inside soft padding, for extra comfort and grip.

All collars are available optionally with plastic or metal buckle (click closure).

We recommend hand wash for all collars. If they are more dirty, the collars can also be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees in the laundry net. Please notethat the fabrics can fade and wear out if washed too often! Not suitable for dryers!

Material composition: Fabric: 100% cotton; Padding: 80% polyamide, 20% polyester; Webbing: 100% polypropylene; Label: 100% vegan faux leather

Size recommendation:

 X-SMALL (1,6cm)
recommended up to a maximum of 30cm neck circumference, for very small, delicate dogs or small puppies

SMALL (2cm)

recommended until max. 38cm neck circumference, for small to medium dogs or small puppies

REGULAR (2,5cm)

recommended ab approx. 35cm neck circumference, for medium to large dogs

MEDIUM (3cm)

recommended ab approx. 40cm neck circumference, for medium to large dogs

LARGE (4cm)

recommended ab approx. 45cm neck circumference, for large to very large dogs

A notice: Each product is a handmade unique item. Colours, shape and placement of the fabrics may vary slightly from the images.